Banned snooker player Stephen Lee looks to pool as alternitive career

Ex snooker professional Stephen Lee has turned to playing pool since being given a 12 year ban for match fixing

Stephen Lee had a snooker career that only most could dream about, winning 5 ranking titles and reaching a ranking high of 5th in the world. In 2013 Lee was found guilty of match fixing and despite appeals from the Trowbridge man, a 12 year ban was handed down.
For most people in the snooker world, this was a shocking revelation given Lee’s capabilities on the snooker table.

Lee was left crippled after being caught cheating, and left having to rely on state benefits to support his family after financial requirements that cost more than £125,000. Not only that, but Lee found himself in hot water again after being found guilty of fraud, after receiving money for his snooker cue which he advertised for sale – but did not deliver the cue after payment. Read more here

Since being banned, Stephen Lee has tried his hand at snooker coaching in the far east along with a few other ventures, but he has now turned to playing pool as a substitute for snooker.

Pool in the UK and Ireland is one of the fastest growing sports around. It seems pool is where snooker was 30 years ago as it continues to grow in popularity.

Lee has made quite a name for himself in the buzzing pool scene. He has played in some money matches and is a big supporter and coach of his son who has also taken pool up as a hobby.

Last week Lee said;

“It’s all going on next week 1st pool money match …. And I’m playing in the 8 ball pool world champs in Bradford time to dust the cue off… If anybody wants to sponsor me for the IPA tour inbox me…..”

Since Lee made this comment, the IPA made a statement;

“The IPA have a reciprocal agreement with with the WPBSA and we have been informed that Stephen’s ban also applies to pool.”

Stephen Lee did not play in the World Championship and will not be playing on the IPA tour either.

Lee has also said that he has big plans to open up his own pool hall this year according to a post he wrote on social media;

“Looking at new pool bar venue this week to open later in the year….

“Big plans this year …. My own bar ….”

Stephen Lee has another 8 years to go on his snooker ban. It’s hard to see a return to snooker for Lee who will then be hitting 50, but it appears the Rolls Royce cuesist is making ends meat on the pool scene.

I’m Conrad, a writer for many popular sports websites. My favorite things to write about include soccer, rugby, snooker and darts. I’m also a social media junkie 🙂

Conrad Whearty

I'm Conrad, a writer for many popular sports websites. My favorite things to write about include soccer, rugby, snooker and darts. I'm also a social media junkie :)